SOS/3000 Performance Advisor

Lund Performance Solutions

SOS/3000 Performance Advisor delivers two things that don't usually go together . . . comprehensive diagnostic abilities and ease of use. SOS/3000 has the the power, scope, and depth you need to solve the most baffling performance problems, and it's still easy to use. Additionally, when you run SOS/3000 you have 'round the clock, unlimited access to the performance experts at Lund Performance Solutions. We do a complete system analysis every twelve months on your system.

  • Keep business applications performing at peak efficiency.
  • Reduce time spent managing system resources.
  • Correct performance problems before users complain.
  • Gain a better understanding of your computing environment.
  • Now available with ScopeUtil, so you can turn your HP scope files into performance management gold!

Plus, if you already own SOS/3000 Performance Advisor, ScopeUtil is yours FREE! Contact your account manager for details.

Key Features:

  • Multi-level view of on-line performance
  • Alerting, alarming, and advice module
  • Historical collection agent
  • "Pulse points" screen for instant system diagnosis
  • User-configurable interface and powerful filtering options
  • New ScopeUtil functionality converts HP Scope files into an SOS/3000-readable format

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